Anita Hill
a. hill photo.png

With an extensive 20-year professional background in sales, marketing, and customer service, Georgia Realtor, Anita Hill has acquired a dynamic skill-set to meet all of your real estate needs.  As an entrepreneur in the business and financial industry, Anita has built a highly-regarded reputation for her unmatched level of dedication to service and excellence.  She has found success in fortifying trusting relationships with her transparency and ability to keep her clients informed and educated every step of the way.  Also, she has built an impressive track record with her results-driven approach and clever negotiation skills.

Anita lives by the belief that "all things are possible if you have the will, a strong commitment, and a strategic plan." In 2005, Anita became the first in her family to graduate from college, earning a B.B.A in Marketing from Clayton State University on a full scholarship.  At the age of 23, Anita purchased her first home and has earned a comfortable living through several business ventures.

Anita looks forward to helping you make your dreams come true and is eager to help you buy, sell, or invest in your next property.